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Greenway Park

NEWS!!! Thanks to Eagle Scout Jake Carlson for his eagle scout project which re-built the picnic tables and trash cans in Greenway Park in 2015.  


Greenway Park is located East of Rising Moon Alley and North of State Highway 19 at 101 Rising Moon Alley.


Adopted by:

New Prague Lions




For many years, residents of New Prague envisioned a “greenway” encircling the city where people could walk or bike, away from the hazards of city streets and enjoy nature.

In 1987 the Chamber of Commerce spearheaded a project to design the beginning of the Greenway.


Brahna is Czech for gate and is typical of entrances to towns in the Czech Republic . It was constructed as a tower located on a brick plaza surrounded by flowers and a lawn. To raise funds for the project, the Chamber sold bricks for the plaza for $25 that could be inscribed with a message.


The Brahna is considered the trail head for the Greenway.  It is illuminated at night and is surrounded by a flower garden and trees.  The New Prague Garden Club under the direction of local gardener, Fred Roberts, established the garden and cared for it until 1993 when other volunteers replaced them.


In 1990, 3.5 acres were dedicated for a park as part of a residential development. It was an alfalfa field lying between a small creek on the East and an alley on the West. It had no vegetation other than the crop. A naturalistic park with trees, shrubs, a pond, hills, and a walking and bike path were envisioned.  100 trees from a woodlot on a farm about 6 miles from town were donated. Over the next year, 250 more trees were planted.  Also in 1990 the City received an Outdoor Recreation Program grant from the Minnesota Department of Trade and Economic Development. 


The path was paved in July of 1992. In 1994 Highview link was added. In 1995 Heritage link was added. Greenway Park currently covers about 4.6 acres of land.


The proposed Trail Plan allows for the long term phased implementation of the overall network of trails, on a section by section basis.