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Greenway Trail System

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Heritage Addition Portion - Roberta McGuiggan

In addition to trails within Greenway Park, there is appxomimately another 2.73 miles of trails in the City.  The trail is located north of Lexington Avenue N. in Heritage Park and Across the street to the east of Greenway Park.  There is also a multi-purpose sidewalk/trail that begins at the intersection of 7th Street NE and Columbus Avenue N. and heads north to the intersection of 12th Street NE and Columbus Avenue North.  The Greenway Trail system, which is an eight foot wide bituminous trail, is designed as a hiking/biking path will eventually connecto to all of the Ctiy Parks either directly or link to a sidewalk system that connects to the City Parks.  The Greenway, a specialized recreation area, is also designed to encircle the City.  As development occurs, the City is taking steps to ensure that the trail will someday be fully connected.  No snowmobiling is allowed on the trail, however cross country skiing is allowed in the winter months as the trails are not plowed.