Hollowed Out Letter Bench
6' Metal Coated Bench
Tree and Concrete Post

Memorial Park Bench and Tree Program

About the Program

The addition of memorial trees and benches not only keeps loved one’s memories alive, but it will be a great contribution to the park system. People visit New Prague’s Park system daily to appreciate the natural beauty of the community. The memorial trees and benches are utilized, enjoyed, and recognized by people of all ages. The tribute may also help applicants with their grief and gain a sense of closure.

Community members can plant a tree or install a bench in any park in New Prague. Past applicants have had their trees and benches placed in the following parks: Foundry Hill Park, Memorial Park/Baseball Field, Northside Park, Greenway Park, and the Golf Course.



Family and friends can leave a living legacy by planting a tree variety that is tolerant of the climate such as Birch, Crabapple, Linden, Maple, and Evergreen trees. Each memorial tree will come with a 5” x 8” engraved plaque attached to a concrete post. When the Memorial Bench & Tree Program initially began, the posts were made from wood but to ensure durability, the posts are now made out of concrete.

The City will be responsible for planting, maintaining, and caring for the tree. If the tree becomes damaged or diseased, the City will replace the tree. Trees with diameters of 2”-3” will be planted at the location of the applicant’s choosing.



Relatives and friends can install a bench as a lasting tribute to their loved ones. Applicants may purchase a bench with an engraved plaque, or they may purchase a bench with hollowed-out letters of their loved one’s name. The City will fasten the bench to a concrete pad and replace the structure if it becomes damaged. The benches come in various colors not limited to black, blue, brown, burgundy, and green.



The following list are the fees associated with the memorial trees and benches. The fees are estimates and may vary due to material surcharges, taxes, and shipping costs.



All Tree Varieties: $450

5” x 8” Engraved Plaque: $100

Plaque Post: $100



6’ Metal Coated Bench (non-customized): $600

6’ Metal Coated Bench (customized lettering): $1,500

4” x 6” Engraved Plaque: $75


*Hollowed-Out Lettered Bench: Final prices determined by the City


Additional Information

To learn more about the program, call the City of New Prague at 952-758-4401.