Towering To Our Future
New Philipps Park Sign
Philipp's Park looking east on Main

Philipp's Park

Philipp's Park is located at the NE corner of the intersections of State Highway 19  and State Highway 13/21 at 201 1/2 4th Ave. NW.


If you would like more information about the "Towering to our Future" sculpture in the park, please click on this link for some videos.


In 1856, Anton Philipp of Bavaria , New Prague's first settler, built a dugout log home along the banks of Philipp's Creek. The first Bohemian settlers also built their first homes along the creek later in the same year. The site became part of what was later known as Philipp's Addition, an area comprising a large portion of New Prague on the Scott County side of Main Street.

The Emil Dvorak family donated the land to the City in memory of their father in 1992.  City employees cleared the site. shaped the banks and hauled in soil.

In 1996 under the Minnesota Department of Transportation Landscape Partnership Program, trees and shrubs were planted at the intersection and throughout the park. In 1999, Phase Two of that program was completed. 


In 2009, local artist Kiersten Dahl-Shetka installed a sculpture called "Towering to our Future" in Philipps Park.  More information can be found in the document at the bottom of this page.

The Park is a specialized recreation area for passive recreation with picnic table and a partial gravel trail at the north end of the park behind Casey's General Store.  No parking is available in the park or along Highway 21.  Parking is permitted along Highway 19.