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Settlers Playground Equipment
Settlers Park Little League Field
Settlers Basketball Court
Picnic Shelter
Entrance to Green Meadow Trail
Green Meadow Trail
Edge of Park Along 10th Ave SE

Settlers Park

Settlers Park is located at the intersection of 9th Street SE and 12th Avenue SE at 1114 9th Street SE.

This park land was settled in 1873 by Math and Eve Prokes who emigrated from Bohemia. The farm remained in the Prokes family until 2001 when it was purchased for residential development.


It is a 10 acre park with a rolling terrain, two small wetlands and a stormwater retention pond.  The western meadow area of the park is named “Zelena Louka” which in Czech means “Green Meadow”.  The eastern area of the park has two little league fields which can also be striped for youth soccer, a 30 space parking lot and a large playground area including benches and a grill for cooking.  The west side has an unpaved woodchip walkway throughout the Green Meadow.

A basketball hoop was installed in the summer of 2011 along with a woodchip trail through the "Green Meadow" portion of the park thanks to Tony Beranek's Eagle Scout Project. 

Future development plans include the addition of more trees.